Getting an emotional support animal letter


There is an alarming number of people around the world that are falling victim to the tyranny of mental illness. An emotional support animal helps such people overcome their mental difficulties by providing companionship wherever they go. For this, an emotional support animal letter is required.

What is an emotional support letter?
An ESA letter is often provided by a licensed mental health professional or a therapist. The letter will allow people to fly with emotional support animal and even have them in apartments which normally do not allow residents to have pets. They also do not have to pay extra fees to airlines and housing providers to stay with their ESA.
Eligibility for an emotional support letter:
If you need a valid letter for emotional support animal, you must contact your doctor or therapist. A letter prescribed by anybody else is completely fake and won’t be accepted. So it is important to ensure that your letter comes from a licensed professional.
What does a legitimate letter contain?
• Signature of the professional writing the letter.
• License details of the mental health professional.
• Details of how the animal can help the person with their difficulties.
• Pet details such as breed and type are not mandatory but it is advisable to include them.
How to avoid being scammed:
• Licensed mental health professionals do not offer emotional support letters at cheap rates. If you see a website prescribing letters at discounts, it is most likely a fake.
• There is a registration and certification process for an emotional support animal. Any website or person mentioning this is an instant red flag.
• A legitimate service cannot guarantee that you’ll be approved immediately. Therapists will evaluate the condition of the individual and see if they qualify for an ESA letter.
Having an emotional support animal is a wonderful feeling but it can also be easy to get scammed by fake websites or people. So do your best to ask a proper therapist for an emotional support animal letter.

How to Ask a Doctor for an Emotional Support Animal Letter


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