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What is the Cost of Auto Glass Repair?

The cost of auto glass repair depends on the damage, the type of vehicle, and the glass i.e. the front rare windshield, or the car window.

These are the factors that go into repairing an auto glass;

● The type of vehicle.
Vehicles such a Mercedes Benz are luxury cars. They require auto glasses that are very specific, and very hard to find. Most of the time, the auto glasses of these types of cars can only be found from the dealer or the manufacturer.
This makes it a little bit more costly than regular cars.

● New VS Old
Newer vehicles are more expensive to repair as they take longer to repair than old vehicles.

● Features of the vehicle
Features of the glass may contribute to the cost of the repair. For example; the windshield has many features, this includes; wiper park, brake assist, rain sensors, lane departure, and condensation.

● Labor
If an auto glass repair requires more labor, it may be more expensive than one which doesn’t have a lot of work.

● Type of equipment
Getting a windshield from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is more expensive because of the certification by the transport department. This certification is issued because the equipment meets the safety standard of the industry, and is similar to the original one from the manufacturer.
An aftermarket windshield, on the other hand, is cheaper. This is because there are no complicated contracts involved, and the glass may be a little different from the original one, e.g. thickness and tint levels.

● The shop
Some shops charge more than others. It is therefore important to do a little bit of research to know the type of glass you want. Visiting different auto repair shops and getting different quotes will also go a long way to help you determine the cost of the glass you want.

June 27, 2020